Photography has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. Like most people, I started taking pictures of my family vacations with my very first camera, a Fuji XT605n.

I definitely caught the photography bug and my interests branched out from family vacations to nature photography, such as landscapes, birds, and flowers; travel photography with the goal of capturing the culture of my destinations; and urban landscapes… street, people, and decay.

Since I started with film, I was compelled to learn every aspect of development and at one point had built my own darkroom so that I could process my images. I have, like many, converted to the digital format using Sony equipment. Digital photography allows me a limitless freedom of expression. Each image can be manipulated in multiple ways to express a desired mood or state of mind. I often shoot film which I process at home and then transfer to a digital image.

In college, I studied and obtained a degree in graphic arts. These studies aided me in developing perspective and have definitely impacted how I compose my images. I hope you enjoy my galleries, as these are a true expression of how I see our world.